come and taste

Try this!   Look here!   What’s that ?


 Chef David Thompson and Long Chim’s fast-and-hot service style creates a kind of music that leads you to laugh a little louder, stay a little longer, and try something new every time.

thai restaurant & bar



Serving the kind of Thai food that’s meant to be sampled, shared, passed around, and consumed with impulse and informality.




The Bar


Chef's Choice


Long Chim encourages the relaxed, casual engagement of food by partly exposing its kitchen to let the smells and sizzles spill into the dining area.

Come and taste. Inhale and inhabit. Share and relate. That’s Thai food, and our Bar Program is devoted to crafted drinks and traditional beverages - frequently with a Thai twist!

We have a superb 'Maa Long Chim' menu that's designed to offer you a sampling of some of our favorite dishes - with a generous selection to tempt all palates!


The superb view over the Marina Bay from our open 'side dining' area is perfect for a function or event.. contact us today!

We would be delighted to assist you with your booking for a special event or occasion with several spaces available according to your needs.

Long Chim's Private Dining Rooms are available for corporate and other events.  The Main Dining Room accommodates 70 in comfort and we have hosted events for 200+ or we can offer exclusive use of our Side Dining space overlooking the Marina Bay.




Our A-la-Carte menu is rich in choices, some Thai spiced, others with a more gentle appeal - all enticing. Try the S88 Maa Long Chim sample menu too!

Private Dining

Our private dining room holds a party of 16-20 with ease, or smaller groups of 6-10 can enjoy the unique experience we offer, corporate bookings starting at $ 298++

SG $298++ 2 course set Working Lunch + Private Dining Room for 8-10pax
the look
a little bit... "street"

Long Chim grounds itself in an urban street-level aesthetic, with rusticated textures that recall the cracked Bangkok building exteriors that informally provide the “walls” of the Thai Street scene.

Long Chim’s layout is a playful physical rendition of the Thai street experience, with enticing sight lines that provide  great  activity.

David Thompson, Chef Annita Potter, Chef Matthew Albert and Head Chef Ohmo contemplate a new beef noodle dish that might (or might not) make the new menu. Continual refinement of items and ingredients is a big part of the process at Long Chim - largely because there are so many variations on Thai recipes - and the kitchen crew puts each new dish to the test.

David Thompson’s informal position as the world’s leading authority onThai food belies his ongoing education as a passionate student of it as well.


Since 1986, when he first arrived in Thailand, David has been earning his reputation the hard way, learning Thai cooking, culture, and language at the ground level during a three-year residence and by continuing to explore the mysteries and delights of Thai cities and towns to this day.


Taking the Thai Street and its ubiquitous cuisine off the literal street and into a different kind of space requires the kind of essential relationship with Thai food, culture, language, and life that no top-level chef other than David Thompson possesses. For almost 30 years, Thompson has made Thailand his second home, his area of study, and his ongoing project of passion and perfection. Earning Thai food its first Michelin star ever is an achievement of legend, yet duplicating the feel, taste, aroma and energy of the Thai Street might be a more essential challenge.


For David, the opening of Long Chim is an opportunity to celebrate and evangelize the delicious merits of the daily cuisine of the common Thai, food that’s the light-hearted fraternal twin of the densely exact royal Thai cuisine that he perfected at nahm.